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The farm was deeded in 1900 by the Pittman Family and later the Wiggs Family. According to the Johnston county historians, the land was originally used by native Americans as the work camp where they would prepare animal pelts, make hunting tools such as arrowheads, prepare corn and weave blankets.  The native tribe was called the “Tuscarora Indians”  We have found several arrowheads on the property to confirm.

In 2006, we started homesteading our farm and decided we needed to make a little extra cash to offset some goat expenses.  We had already been raising the goats as a hobby and for their milk for cheeses, so we felt like the soaps would help with feed and cover the health care expenses for our herd

We love our soaps and we do our very best to make our soaps as “honest” and pure as we can. We raise the goats for the milk and the Honey Bees for the real honey that goes into each bar.

We use the simplest of ingredients and oils and cold process our soaps. What this means is rather than heating the soaps for faster curing, we allow our soaps to cure over time! This gives you a soap that will not melt away in the bath or shower, and lets you enjoy the goodness even longer!​

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