What goes into our soaps?

To start making our famous soaps, we add measured goats milk to Lye and blend. Once blended we add our oils. This begins whats called “saponification” which is when the reaction begins to thicken the liquid soap.  We add our dry ingredients at this point and pour in to loaf molds.  These molds will set overnight and in the morning we cut the loafs into bars, stamp them, then put on a drying rack to cure 3 to 7 weeks (depending on humidity).

What goes into our honey?

The bees make the honey, once the frames are ready we take them out and put in a honey extractor which is like a centrifuge. This slings the honey out of the frames. Once we finish all the frames we drain the honey into buckets. At that point we either bottle it or put in huge mason jars to sit in the sun with culinary spices to infuse the honey. We use sunlight to do this slowly so the honey does not pasteurize. This process can only be done during the warm summer months so this product is limited.

What goes into our lotions?

We warm goats milk and add warmed oils and melted bees wax together and use a stick blender to blend. Once the lotion becomes viscous we add a plant based preservative and fragrance.