We live by the “Golden Rule” and believe we should enjoy every bit of life as we do it. We believe in working for every reward, and in kindness and loyalty to friends, family and an open heart with everyone we meet.

I think Kenny and I can best be described together.  Kenny tends to be very laid back and a great listener.  VERY witty.  He is also a calming influence with all the animals and people alike.  I would tend to be the flip side of that.  More of a talker, and liking to inform people about our products and our farm.  We are above all happy  and GRATEFUL and I think both our personalities reflect that.

We homesteaded Hank E. Panky farm in 2006. We started as a small horse farm with the intention of living a simpler, cleaner life.

We are proud of our products. Nothing is perfect for everyone so we made it perfect for us. We just hope you love it too. Goat Milk and Honey, basic natural ingredients and added nutrient rich dry ingredients can never be a bad thing!

Spring Time is the BEST! Make an appointment to bring yourselves to visit all the new babies on the farm!

We hate spam mail as much as the next person, that’s why we promise that each email we send out we will try our best to keep things important and interesting for our subscribers!

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