Lets Talk About Sea Salt in Soap

At HEPF we don’t have a lot of rules for our soap, but one rule is “If its not beneficial, why add it”.  Other than some fragrance oils to keep it smelling especially nice, we try to keep it very simple, and we’ve discovered adding salt seems to be a simple solution to some skin issues.

Now, I’m not  feeling like getting especially “sciency” here so I’ll keep it brief, but it appears there could actually be some benefits to adding the salt, so let me throw some information at you.

Mined primarily in Pakistan, ancient oceans deposited these salts .  Because the salt beds were covered by Lava, ice and snow for millions of years Himalyan salt is free of many modern-day pullutants.

The color content in these salts are determined by the amount of trace mineral they contain.  These include potassium which can lower blood pressure and protect from strokes, and Magnesiumwhich can inhibit the production of sebum, (oily secretions), that lead to acne and other skin disorders.  

I was thinking about how, for so long, humans have used saltsand other mineral baths for all kinds of muscle ailement and illnesses.  It appears the high levels of magnesium in salt  help muscles contract and relax. Magnesium is also necessary for nervous system regulation as.  There are studies that have shown that this and other minerals can enter the “lymphatic system” through the skin.   Thats GREAT!.  This explains why epsom salt baths work so well when your muscles are overworked. I have soaked myself, our horses hooves and even a dog once.

Adamantly, Epson Salt has much higher levels of magnesium and no sodium which makes it most popular when we’re talking about soaking after an injury or even that extra long run, (like I know what that is), but then I thought, when was the last time I had time to soak in a bath?  I mean, I injure myself constantly but can’t remember the last time I had time for a bath.  Also, I’ve got one of those old 1970’s narrow tubs that make the bathing experience more of an adventure in how to submerge as many body parts at one time without overflowing the tub……..anyway, I thought maybe, if I’m adding a little magnesium each time shower, I could realize some of these benefits in lower, more constant doses……..hmmmm, sounds logical to me.

Either way, the bottom line is salt is good and I really don’t see any downside to adding to some of the soaps.  Now if I could just figure out a way that the soap wouldn’t look like fudge………

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